Friends and Mentors 

John Tafoya- Mr. Tafoya is the chairmen of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Percussion department and former National Symphony Orchestra timpanist.  I was lucky enough to study with him for four years at IU.

Tim Genis- Tim teaches at Boston University and is the timpanist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  I was fortunate to study with him for my masters.

Neil Grover- Neil has been a great mentor to myself since the sixth grade. I met Neil by walking up to him at the Springfield Civic Center Boston Pops concert.  I was VERY fortunate to be able to play and learn from Neil on the Star Wars in Concert tour.

Arianna Fanning- Arianna is a dear friend of mine that I went to Indiana University with.  She is always an inspiration to me and my drumset playing. 

Wei-Chen Lin- My favorite marimbist and one of the nicest human beings I have ever met.

David Constantine- David has been great a mentor to myself from the first day I stepped into the practice rooms at Indiana University.  I have never seen anyone practice as much as David!

Maria Finkelmeier- Maria is a Boston area percussionist.  She was very generous with her time and helped me create this website.

Nick Stone- Nick is a fabulous Los Angeles area percussionist.  While at IU I always looked up to Nick as a role model and as a player.

Indiana University Percussion Studio

Vic Firth- Chris is endorsed by Vic Firth drumsticks and mallets.